The village

Welcome and make yourself at home!

We are a luxury guest house with personalized services, which aims to provide our guests with a unique experience with the place. The hostess Leila Sallum, a former resident of Trancoso, known for its culinary delights and good taste, is the differential with its hospitality and experience.

Monjuá in Tupi-Guarani means “open-mouthed.” And that’s how we stand when you look at the beautiful landscape of the Valley crowned by the blue sea.

Vila Monjuá is located in a privileged residential area, very close to the Quadrado Histórico and the Praia dos Nativos. The pool of mineral water reflects the nights of full moon, with an ample and flowery garden, has a trail in the middle of the native forest, which accesses a private deck, on the banks of the Rio Trancoso, in an area of 10.000m².

We serve people who like to travel alone, couples or groups. In the periods of Revéllion and Carnival the village hosts only groups of up to 16 people.